Welcome to my website. The website is currently updating and I hope you’ll find more interesting stuff by the end of this week.

In the meantime you can see some of my works in portfolio displayed in the right menu.

As an activity, I’m providing advice and technical support in IT, mainly for websites and computers.

From my point of view, consulting is the first step to be performed, and thus the client is “educated” in order to decide in an informed manner. A basic principle for a good relationship, be it commercial or just friendly.

Technical support is “the hard part” of things because IT is vast and ever changing. People perceive things differently and correct and complete communication is essential.

I have some other concerns, such as “remote controlled toys” (remote models) that requires knowledge from many fields: mechanical, electrical and electronics, radio, aeronautics, etc..
All these helps me to complete my knowledge and perspectives.

But better to stop here … have details on the page “About me” and still have the contact page.

Thank you,

Serban D.

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