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Image Editor… online ;-)

If you need an online image editor, decent I would say, I suggest you PIXLR, available for free (for now) at

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Online Image Editor

Often we need a more advanced image editor and without having to install a certain software. So I found an online image editor that is very decent and above all, it’s free. – Express (Playful X) – Editor (Advanced E)

About Wordpress

Add a new WordPress theme file without FTP access

If you don’t have FTP access and want to add a new WordPress file to your theme, follow these steps:

1. Go to theme editor (the curent or inactive one) and edit header.php file

2. Add this code on the first line of header.php file (very important to be first line):
<?php touch('wp-content/themes/YOUR_THEME_DIR/FILE_NAME.php'); ?> 
Replace YOUR_THEME_DIR with folder name of your theme, then
replace FILE_NAME with the file name you want to create.

3. Save the change and open the website (first page). If you edit an inactive theme, simply preview of that theme in Live Preview.

4. After you open the website, get back to header.php file edit (as above) and remove that line you added previously (you don’t want troubles, isn’t?).

5. You may alter the new file using theme editor option.

Hope to be usefull. Good luck!

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Create, Modify, Combine and more for PDF files

This it would have a longer post but this one is good enough. The link below is regarding a tool to create, modify, combine, compress and other, sometimes, necessary operations when working with PDF files.
When I found this link on May 29, 2016 it was free with reasonable limitations. It’s an on-line tool after all and is free as well…
Anyway, is perfect for my utility software list and you’re free to try it.

PDF Joiner @

or search it on-line…


Old and/or inactive projects

Life goes on and we want to evolve, and some projects and works are no exception.
Here I will try to list old projects I have worked on and no longer topical. Sometimes it’s good to look back at what you have done to get an idea and/or inspire yourself as it’s good to have some kind of diary…

-> OrganicWay website – E-Commerce – originally developed on OpenCart platform with custom modifications (HTML, PHP, MySQL, JavaScript), then imported into the WordPress platform with WooCommerce plugin and also with customized changes (HTML, PHP, JavaScript).
Also for this project I’ve created a Facebook page, integrated into both versions of the website.
Website: /

-> Healthy Dog Cyprus website – E-Commerce – My own E-Commerce platform (HTML, PHP, MySQL, JavaScript) developed entirely by me. An old challenge that had to be overcome… A classic and minimalist website for online orders, very efficiently and fast due to its simplicity.

However, hope I will not add here other projects and works.



Welcome to my website. The website is currently updating and I hope you’ll find more interesting stuff by the end of this week.

In the meantime you can see some of my works in portfolio displayed in the right menu.

As an activity, I’m providing advice and technical support in IT, mainly for websites and computers.

From my point of view, consulting is the first step to be performed, and thus the client is “educated” in order to decide in an informed manner. A basic principle for a good relationship, be it commercial or just friendly.

Technical support is “the hard part” of things because IT is vast and ever changing. People perceive things differently and correct and complete communication is essential.

I have some other concerns, such as “remote controlled toys” (remote models) that requires knowledge from many fields: mechanical, electrical and electronics, radio, aeronautics, etc..
All these helps me to complete my knowledge and perspectives.

But better to stop here … have details on the page “About me” and still have the contact page.

Thank you,

Serban D.